Come Unto Him [CD] - BYU Young Ambassadors

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Come Unto Him [CD] - BYU Young Ambassadors

The much-appreciated Sunday side of The BYU Young Ambassadors is heard in this new collection of choral pieces and solos performed by the ensemble and centered upon the Savior. This beautifully recorded CD also features works by several composers who spent student days at BYU, such as Hilary Weeks, Dan Carter, and Staci Peters and Tyler Castleton, and along with BYU professor and composer, K. Newell Dayley. Included are also some ballads and anthems from nationally prominent songwriters and composers.


1. Come Unto Him

2. Beautiful Savior

3. Not Too Far From Here

4. The Gentle Healer

5. Behold The Wounds In Jesus' Hands

6. Let Him Heal Your Heart

7. This Is The Christ

8. He Came For Me

9. Our Savior's Love

10. Anchor Of My Soul

11. E'en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come

12. May My Life Reflect Thy Will

13. How Great Thou Art


Randy Boothe, director

Randy Boothe, piano

David Randall, clarinet

Young Ambassadors