Fatter Than Ever (1996) [CD] - BYU Vocal Point

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Featuring the same award-winning, nine-man a capella sound so popular in BYU Vocal Point's previous album, Instruments Not Included, this new collection includes such favorites as "Circle of Life," "Long Train Running," and "If You Love Me." Vocal Point consistently fills halls whether on the BYU campus or on the road, and has always been a best-seller at Tantara Records. Fatter than Ever, Vocal Point's third album, marked Vocal Point's official adoption as a BYU School of Music ensemble.

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1. Circle of Life 

2. Mr. Watchman

3. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 

4. Three Little Pigs Rap 

5. Les Cornichons

6. How Can I Miss You (If You Won't Go Away?)

7. Long Train Runnin'

8. Leave It 

9. You Can Call Me Al

10. Cool Water

11. Lockjaw

12. Fakin' Jamaican

13. E'Macumbabebe

14. If Ye Love Me


Recorded and produced by director, Jim Anglesey

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