If Rocks Could Sing... (1991) [CD] - BYU Vocal Point

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Under the direction of Jill Petersen, Vocal Point's first album (1992) was recorded direct to "high quality" cassette tapes, highlighting both the creative ingenuity of its members as well as their lack of financial resources. Each track is a live, one-take recording, capturing the energy and enthusiasm of the group's legendary first year.

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1. Working in the Coal Mine
Allen Toussaint
Arr. Vocal Point

2. Love Cats
Robert Smith of The Cure
Soloist: Tracy Hall

3. Sing, Sing, Sing
Louis Prima
Arr. Philip Kern / Jill Peterson

4. Sinner
The Persuasions
Quartet: Lowell Stewart, Todd Seymour, Rick McFarland, Brad Ransom

5. Wishing Well
Terrance Trent D’Arby
Soloist: Bob Ahlander

6. Hodja
Todd Rundgren
Arr. Howard Tayler
Soloist: Bob Ahlander

7. Trinidad
Arr. Mike South, Rick McFarland
Quintet: Rick McFarland, Brad Ransom, Todd Seymour, Tracy Hall, Lowell Stewart

8. Tuxedo Junction
Words by Buddy Fayne; music by Erskine Hawkins, William Johnson, Julian Dash
Arr. Jerry Nowak, Jill Peterson
Soloist: Dave Boyce

9. The Sesame Street Theme Song
Arr. Jill Peterson
Soloist: Todd Seymour

10. Wipeout (bonus track)


Director: Jill Petersen
Manager: Dave Boyce
Assistant Director: Rick McFarland

Producer/Engineer: Howard Tayler
Mixed at Sound Concepts, Provo, Utah

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