Tableaux de Provence [CD] - Ray Smith

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Tableaux de Provence [CD] - Ray Smith

Many know Ray Smith's reputation as a consummate jazz stylist, and in Tableaux de Provence he proves his artistry and versatility as a classical saxophone and woodwind player as well. "Ray Smith has earned his place as one of the world's outstanding woodwind artists," proclaims Eugene Rousseau, and Raymond Tuttle, in Fanfare magazine, adds, "his versatility and tonal allure are most impressive."


Tableaux de Provence
Paule Maurice
Ray Smith, alto saxophone with the Mountain West Studio Orchestra

1. Farandole des jeunes filles

2. Chanson pour ma Mie

3. La Bohémienne

4. Des Alyscamps I' Ame soupire

5. Le Cabridan

Quartet in F-major
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ray Smith, soprano saxophone, with Igor Gruppman, violin; Vesna Gruppman, viola; Julie Bevan Zumsteg, cello

6. Allegro

7. Adagio

8. Rondeau

Sonatina for Baritone Saxophone and Piano
John Worley
Ray Smith, baritone saxophone, with Jeffrey Shumway, piano

9. Allegro moderato

10. Andante-semplice

11. Allegro con brio

Les Trois Mouskuetaires
Pierre Max Dubois
Ray Smith, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, alto saxophone

12. Lentement (Recitativo)

13. Allegrement

14. Allegro

15. Andante

16. Andante-Presto

17. Oh, Divine Redeemer: Charles Gounod
Ray Smith, soprano saxophone, with Richard Elliott, organ

Fantasia for Saxophone and Small Orchestra
Heitor Villa-Lobos
Ray Smith, tenor saxophone, with the Mountain West Studio Orchestra and Claudine Bigelow, viola solo

18. Animé

19. Lent

20. Très animé


Produced by Ray Smith and Daron Bradford

Ray Smith on classical saxophones and woodwinds