Valentine St. [CD] - Michael Hicks

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Valentine St. [CD] - Michael Hicks

Michael Hicks. You recognize the name: a life devoted to books, articles, poems, essays, and serious compositions. Now there’s another side to Michael Hicks: The singer, the songwriter. Songs from Valentine St. Songs about love and life. Songs from the heart. From his capacity-crowd BYU recital “Personal Effects.”

As a singer/songwriter Michael Hicks is totally contemporary, yet his poetic images will remind you of Cole Porter or Noel Coward.
—Kim Simpson, Austin Texas


1. Valentine St.

2. He’s Not Cézanne

3. Every Good Boy

4. The One Requirement of Art

5. Laws of Attraction

6. Compared

7. Too Big

8. Common Knowledge

9. Born Again

10. Some Love

11. Moon


Produced by Michael Hicks and Jason Graham

Associate producer for mixes, mastering, and packaging Ron Simpson

Recorded and mixed by Jason Graham

Additional recording by Amen Stephenson

Mastered by Troy Sales

Tantara Records is an enterprise center in the School of Music at Brigham Young University, and part of the College of Fine Arts and Communications.


Michael Hicks: vocals, guitars, piano, accordion, banjo, percussion

Eric Hansen: bass, on all but "Laws of Attraction" and "Some Love"

Andrew Tolman: drums

Matthew Nielson: congas on "Common Knowledge" and "Born Again"