The Past Returns [CD] - Robert Cundick

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"The past returns, the springs of time unwind, and all is present in the heart and mind." The evocative opening lines of Edward L. Hart's poem Commemoration aptly describe the retrospective sampling of Robert Cundick's chamber works featured in this recording: solo sonatas for each of the principal orchestral strings (violin, viola, cello) with piano, plus a sonata combining all four instruments in a piano quartet. Spanning almost 50 years of composition, these pieces represent different environments and personal interfaces filled with poignant memories from four different periods in the composer's life.

Features Bryan Hernandez-Luch on violin, Claudine Bigelow and Ruth Monson on viola, Julie Bevan and Jim Hardy on cello, and Desirae Brown Luch, Jenny Richards, and Jeff Shumway on piano.

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Piano Quartet (The Past Returns)
1. Allegro moderato

2. Moderato espressivo

3. Allegro giocoso

Sonata for Violoncello and Piano 
4. Andante espressivo, Allegro risoluto

5. Andante espressivo, Moderato tranquillo

6. Andante espressivo, Allegro

Sonata for Viola and Piano 
7. Allegro moderato

8. Allegro vivace

9. Larghetto

10. Allegro

Sonata for Violin and Piano 
11. Allegro tranquillo

12. Andante

13. Allegro


Executive Producer - Ron Simpson

Produced by Robert Cundick and Jon Holloman

Postproduction Coordination by Andrew Maxfield

Recorded by Jon Holloman

Editing & Mastering by Troy Sales

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