Beyond Vernon Duke: Piano Works by Vladimir Dukelsky [CD] - Scott Holden

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Scott Holden - Beyond Vernon Duke: Piano Works of Vladimir Dukelsky

Vernon Duke had two sides to his career. While famously writing popular songs under the name Vernon Duke, he quietly penned classical works under his real name, Vladimir Dukelsky. On this album, pianist Scott Holden plays Duke’s classical works.


1. Mvt. I: A Morning Stroll
2. Mvt. II: An American Girl
3. Mvt. III: Flowers in the Place Madeleine
4. Mvt. IV: A Spinster on a Bicycle
5. Mvt. V: Fishermen on the Seine
6. Mvt. VI: My Grocer’s Dog
7. Mvt. VII: Sunday Outing
8. Mvt. VIII: Café Flore Intellectual
9. Mvt. IX: An Old Boulevardier
10. Mvt. X: Lovers, Lovers, Everywhere

11. Sonata: Souvenir de Venise (1955)

Three Caprices for Piano (1944) [PREMIERE DIGITAL RECORDING]
12. Caprice #1
13. Caprice #2
14. Caprice #3

Surrealist Suite for Piano (1939) [PREMIERE DIGITAL RECORDING]
15. Mvt. I: Beach and Rocks
16. Mvt. II: Cherrystones in Love
17. Mvt. III: Rhumba Danced by a Wilting Telephone
18. Mvt. IV: The Lady with a Chest of Drawers
19. Mvt. V: The Exploding Giraffe
20. Mvt. VI: Epitaph to a Melting Watch
21. Mvt. VII: The Headless Glamour Woman
22. Mvt. VIII: The Frolicking Sardines
23. Mvt. IX: Parade of Paranoiacs


From the ballet Zéphyr et Flore (1925)
25. Divertissements des Muses: Theme and Variations [WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING ON PIANO (ORCHESTRAL REDUCTION)]
Var. 1: Giacoso
Var. 2: Quasi toccata
Var. 3: Molto mesto
Var. 4: Allegretto comodo
Var. 5: Risoluto
Coda: Andante ma non troppo


Producer: Ron Simpson
Executive Producer: Ben Fales
Recording Engineer: Jon Holloman
Editing and Mastering: Troy Sales
Graphic Design: Doug Thomas
Photography: Bradley Slade

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