Collage: A Diverse Collection of Works for Trombone [CD] - Will Kimball with Timothy Smith

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Will Kimball and Timothy Smith (and others - see below) play diverse works for trombone by George Gershwin, Ernest Bloch, Gabriel Fauré, Leopold Mozart, and Anthony Plog (world premier recording).

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Three Preludes [1926]
George Gershwin, arr. Will Kimball
1. I. Allegro ben ritmato e deciso

2. II. Andante con moto e poco rubato

3. III. Allegro ben ritmato e deciso

Symphony for Trombone [1954]
Ernest Bloch
4. I. Maestoso

5. II. Agitato

6. III. Allegro deciso

Gabriel Fauré, Requiem [1887]
arr. Will Kimball
*with Douglas Bush, organ
7. Pie Jesu

Concerto for Alto Trombone [ca. 1762]
Leopold Mozart
8. I. Adagio

9. II. Menuetto and Trio

10. III. Allegro

Trombone Quartet No. 1, “Densities” [2000 WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING]
Anthony Plog
*with Larry Zalkind, James Nova, and Russell McKinney

11. I. Lento-Allegro

12. II. Allegro

13. III. Adagio-Allegro

14. IV. Allegro

15. V. Lento-Allegro


Executive Producer: Ron Simpson

Producer: Will Kimball

Recording: Jon Holloman

Editing & Mastering: Troy Sales

Post Production Coordination: Ben Fales

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