Three Sacred Works [CD] - The Orchestra and Singers of Ricks College

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Recorded live in concert at Ricks College (now BYU Idaho) under a grant from the Heritage Series on Tantara Records, Mormon composer Gaylen Hatton presents the premier of Apotheosis: A Glorification, with text selected from the writings of Elder Neal A. Maxwell. Rounding out the program is a beautiful cantata based on the hymn “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” by composer A. Laurence Lyon and Suite on Latter-day Saint Hymns by Crawford Gates. The sound is lovely; the performances heartfelt.

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A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief
(A. Laurence Lyon)

1. Movement 1

2. Movement 2

3. Movement 3

4. Movement 4

5. Movement 5

6. Movement 6

7. Movement 7

Apotheosis: A Glorification
(Gaylen Hatton)

8. O, What He Is

9. The Knees of the Mind

10. Man in His Agony

11. Mortality

12. The Greater the Circumference

13. Blessed Are Those

14. God Knows and Loves

15. We, Too Can Come to Know

16. Submission

17. We Must Have His Spirit

18. Jesus Said “Come Follow Me” / We Must Be Carriers of a Divine Message

19. When We Observe / Apotheosis

Suite on Latter-Day Saint Hymns (Crawford Gates)

20. Come, Come, Ye Saints

21. Sweet is the Work

22. High on the Mountain Top


Executive Producers: David M. Randall and Ron Simpson

Recorded by Rick McFarland, RMS Audio

Editing and Mastering: Rick McFarland and Troy Sales

Additional work with Suite on Latter-day Saint Hymns by Scott Reinwand, Rhuby Music

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