Eric Whitacre Choral Works, Vol. 1: A Cappella Works, 1991-2001 [CD] - BYU Singers

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In 2002 Whitacre requested that BYU Singers and Dr. Staheli collaborate with him in an interest session at the American Choral Directors Association’s Western Division convention. During the session Whitacre stated that Dr. Staheli understood his music more than any other conductor and that he was able to make more of the music than Whitacre had originally envisioned when writing the piece. When one attendee asked, “What sound are you looking for when you compose?” Whitacre quickly pointed to the choir and said, “This sound.” The choir, in turn, has relished every opportunity to sing Whitacre’s music; it is a favorite of the singers and audiences in the way it speaks to the soul through text and music. 

Melding Whitacre’s appreciation for BYU Singers with Dr. Staheli’s and the choir’s artistic and spirit-filled performances of his choral compositions resulted in a recording that has been a best seller since its original release in 2002. With this CD in hand, autograph seekers have shown up at concerts and symposiums in places as diverse and faraway as Sweden and South Africa.

Now, just over ten years after the original release of this best-selling album, we are pleased to reintroduce the Eric Whitacre and BYU Singers choral collaboration in this digitally remastered album, Eric Whitacre Choral Works, Volume 1: A Cappella Works 1991-2001.

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1. Water Night [1995]

Three Songs of Faith
2. I Will Wade Out [1999]
3. Hope, Faith, Life, Love [1999]
4. I Thank You God For Most This Amazing Day [1999]

5. Cloudburst [1992]

6. Sleep [2000]

Three Flower Songs
7. I Hide Myself [1992]
8. With a Lily in Your Hand [1992]
9. Go, Lovely Rose [1991]

10. When David Heard [1999]

11. Lux Aurumque [2000]

12. Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine [2001]


Producer (2002): Sandefur Schmidt

Executive producer for Arsis Audio (2002): Robert Schuneman

Remaster producer and executive producer for BYU Records (2014): Ben Fales

Recording engineer: Jon Holloman

Editing engineer: Troy Sales

Mastering engineer (2002): Fred Vogler

Remastering engineer (2014): Troy Sales

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