Come and Sing unto the Lord [CD] - BYU Singers

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BYU Singers’ debut album under conductor Dr. Andrew Crane combines classical and contemporary sacred choral music in a variety of styles. From English Renaissance to American hymns to bluegrass, the choir inspires with its trademark beautiful sound, sparkling precision, and expressive artistry.

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1. Festival of Praise (O Come and Sing unto the Lord)
2. Meine Seele erhebt den Herrn
3. The Call of Wisdom
4. Sing Praise to God
5. Love at Home
6. It Is Well with My Soul
7. Ecce vicit Leo
8. Nolo mortem peccatoris
9. O lux beata Trinitas
10. Alleluia
11. We’ll Sing All Hail to Jesus’ Name
12. This World Is Not My Home
13. Until We Meet Again



Producers: Andrew Crane with Sandefur Schmidt
Executive producer: Ben Fales
Recording and mixing engineer: Jeff Carter
Editing and mastering engineer: Troy Sales
Graphic designer: Olivia Knudsen
Editor: Lena Harper
Cover art: Olivia Knudsen
Photograph of BYU Singers: Sandefur Schmidt

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