Green Means Go [CD] - BYU Noteworthy

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Green Means Go [CD] - BYU Noteworthy

As their second studio album, the talented ladies from Noteworthy have proven to be a top-notch a cappella group, sharing their vocal prowess with the world.

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1. Unwritten
Originally performed by Natasha Bedingfield
soloist: Camille Hancock Millar

2. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing
As performed by John Legend
soloist: Courtney Jensen

3. Apologize
Originally performed by OneRepublic ft. Timbaland
soloist: Kaity McGuire

4. It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
Originally performed by Shania Twain
soloist: Ashley Mordwinow

5. Listen
Originally performed by Beyoncé
soloist: Amy Whitcomb

6. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)
As performed by James Taylor
soloist: Erica Neuffer

7. He Lives
Arr. Catherine Papworth
soloists: Michelle Osmond, Kristin Papworth

8. You Can't Stop the Beat
From the Motion Picture Soundtrack, Hairspray arr. Ricky Parkinson
soloists: Ashley Mordwinow, Amy Whitcomb, Camrie Copier

9. Ergen Deda
Bulgarian folk song

10. Lord, I Would Follow Thee
Susan Evans McCloud, K. Newell Dayley
soloist: Kaity McGuire

11. Waiting For You
Originally performed by Seal
soloist: Erica Neuffer

12. Child
Originally performed by Jacob Luttrell
soloists: Courtney Jensen, Catherine Papworth

13. Fixit Men
Originally performed by Jesca Hoop
soloists: Kaity McGuire, Camrie Cooper

14. A Living Prayer
Originally performed by Allison Krauss & Union Station
soloists: Nabby Parkinson


Noteworthy 2006-2007

Jackie Donkin
Camille Hancock
Courtney Jensen
Kaity McGuire
Ashley Mordwinow
Erica Neuffer
Kristin Papworth
Nabby Parkinson
Megan Schmidt

Noteworthy 2007-2008
Camrie Copier
Courtney Jensen
Kaity McGuire
Ashley Mordwinow
Erica Neuffer
Michelle Osmond
Kristin Papworth
Nabby Parkinson
Amy Whitcomb