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Noteworthy's third studio album.

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1. Think
Originally performed by Aretha Franklin
soloist: Amy Whitcomb

2. Viva la Vida
Originally performed by Coldplay
soloist: Courtney Jensen

3. Hold On
Originally performed by Wilson Phillips
soloists: Kelsey Pratt, Amy Whitcomb

4. Step Outside
Rachel Sonderegger
soloist: Rachel Sonderegger

5. Battlefield
Originally performed by Jordin Sparks
soloist: Cassie Crab

6. Happy Ending
Originally performed by Mika
soloist: Courtney Jensen

7. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
Originally performed by Gayla Peevey
soloist: Jenna Engebretsen

8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Originally performed by Michael Bublé
soloist: Nabby Parkinson

9. Come, Come Ye Saints
William Clayton
soloists: Kelsey Pratt, Amy Whitcomb

10. Backseat
Amy Whitcomb

11. Shine
Originally performed by Laura Izibor
soloist: Katie Jensen

12. Love is on the Way
Originally performed by Billy Porter
soloist: Amy Whitcomb

13. Stayin' Alive
Originally performed by Bee Gees / Black Eyed Peas
soloist: Amy Whitcomb

14. If You're Out There
Originally performed by John Legend
soloists: Katie Jensen, Catherine Papworth


Recorded and Edited by Catherine Papworth

Porduced by Catherine Papworth and Bill Hare

Mixed and Mastered by Bill Hare

Noteworthy 2008-2009
Nabby Parkinson
Courtney Jensen
Katie Jensen
Jenna Engebretsen
Ashely Mordwinow
Kelsey Pratt
Rachel Sonderegger
Catherine Cooley
Amy Whitcomb

Noteworthy 2009-2010
Siri Alemany
Amber Catherall
Cassie Crabb
Lizzy Early
Courtney Jensen
Katie Jensen
Kelsey Pratt
Laina Walker
Amy Whitcomb