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With the release of this album in 2014, Noteworthy celebrates ten years of bold endeavors and noteworthy accomplishments as an all-female a cappella vocal ensemble. We are so grateful and humbled that from the group's small beginnings has grown an internationally recognized, continually expanding sisterhood. BYU Noteworthy has strived to create uplifting music, to cultivate excellence, to develop lasting friendships, and to testify of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

After 10 years of working hard, having fun, celebrating successes, learning from failed attempts, building sisterhoods, and discovering the group's identity, BYU Noteworthy truly feels empowered and unbound.

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1. Kaleidoscope Heart
Originally performed by Sara Bareilles
Noteworthy 2011-2012

2. Uncharted
Originally performed by Sara Bareilles
Noteworthy 2011-2012; soloist: Katie Hall

3. Give Your Heart a Break
Originally performed by Demi Lovato
Noteworthy 2012-2013; soloist: Liz Tyler

4. Who You Are
Originally performed by Jessie J
Noteworthy 2011-2012; soloist: Cassie Brimhall

5. I Knew You Were Trouble / We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Mashup
Originally performed by Taylor Swift
Noteworthy 2012-2013; soloists: Jillian Innes, Lauren Myrick

6. Wide Awake
Originally performed by Katy Perry / Johann Sebastian Bach
Noteworthy 2012-2013; soloists: Lauren Myrick, Liz Tyler

7. Dog Days Are Over
Originally performed by Florence and the Machine
Noteworthy 2012-2013; soloist: Brittany Bruner

8. Feel Again
Originally performed by OneRepublic
Noteworthy 2013-2014; soloist: Janae Klumpp

9. Abide With Me; 'Tis Eventide
Lowie M. Hofford, Harrison Millard
Noteworthy 2011-2012; soloist: Rebecca Woahn

10. Without You / I Will Wait Mashup
Originally performed by David Guetta ft. Usher / Mumford and Sons / U2
Noteworthy 2012-2013; soloists: Jillian Innes, Brianna Boyd, Jennifer Ryding

11. Keep Your Head Up
Originally performed by Andy Grammer
Noteworthy 2012-2013; soloist: Tatiana Quinn

12. Savior, Redeemer of My Soul
Arr. Taylor Olson
Noteworthy 2011-2012; soloists: Katie Hall, Sara Phelps

13. Sister Act Medley: Joyful Joyful / Oh Happy Day
Originally performed by St. Francis Choir ft. Lauryn Hill / St. Francis Choir ft. Ryan Toby
Noteworthy 2011-2012; soloists: Brooke Weenig, Cassie Tobler

14. Please Don't Stop the Rain
Originally performed by James Morrison
Noteworthy 2010-2011; soloist: Sara Phelps

15. Holding Out for a Hero
Originally performed by Bonnie Tyler
Noteworthy 2011-2012; soloist: Sara Phelps

16. Paparazzi
Originally performed by Lady Gaga
Noteworthy 2010-2011; soloists: Kristen Metzger, Laina Blackner, Sara Phelps


Executive Producer: Catherine Papworth

Recorded & Edited by Catherine Papworth

Mixed & Mastered by Bill Hare - Bill Hare Productions

"I Knew You Were Trouble / We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" mixed by Tat Tong - T2 Productions

"Without You / I Will Wait Mashup" mixed by Catherine Papworth

"Paparazzi" produced by Taylor Hartley

Noteworthy 2010-2011
Amber Asay
Cassie Brimhall
Lizzy Early
McKenzie Giles
Katie Hall
Kristen Metzger
Taylor Olson
Sara Phelps
Laina Blackner
Brooke Weenig

Noteworthy 2011-2012
Cassie Brimhall
McKenzie Giles
Katie Hall
Sara Phelps
Hollie Pratt
Tatiana Quinn
Cassie Tobler
Brooke Weenig
Rebecca Woahn

Noteworthy 2012-2013
Brianna Boyd
Brittany Bruner
Cassie Gonzalez
Liz Tyler
Jillian Innes
Lauren Myrick
Emily Parkinson
Tatiana Quinn
Jennifer Riding

Noteworthy 2013-2014
Shirley Cole
Jordyn Crowley
Cassie Gonzalez
Janae Klumpp
Mariah Kolts
Diana Kramer
Elicia Merwin
Marissa Quinn
Hanna Zenger