Kingsfold [CD] - Lawrence Green

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Kingsfold [CD] - Lawrence Green

This wonderfully-recorded classical guitar album features not only Larry's brilliant guitar, but also settings by several of his BYU composer colleagues: Tom Durham, Newell Dayley, Murray Boren, and David Sargent.


1. Simple Gifts
traditional, arr. Lawrence Green

2. E'en So Lord Jesus Quickly Come
Paul Manz, arr. Newell Dayley

3. Kingsfold
traditional, arr. Lawrence Green

4. How Great Thou Art
Carl Gustav Boberg, arr. Lawrence Green

5. We Give Thee But Thine Own
traditional, arr. David H. Sargent

6. Grace
Murray Boren

7. Assembly (The Spirit of God)
traditional, arr. Lawrence Green

8. Variations on Nephite Lamentation
Thomas Durham, arr. Thomas L. Durham

9. Medley
Arthur Sullivan and William Bradbury, arr. Lawrence Green

10. Greenhill
Murray boren

11. Love One Another
Luacine Clark Fox, arr. Lawrence Green

12. Amazing Grace
traditional, arr. Lawrence Green


Produced by Howard Tayler

Recorded and mastered by Rick McFarland

Lawrence Green, guitarist, arranger