Late Conversations [CD] - Roger Drinkall and Dian Baker

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This premiere recording of four exciting new works for cello and piano by Robert Cundick, David Sargent, Michael Hicks, and Reid Nibley features the internationally-acclaimed Roger Drinkall-Dian Baker duo.

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1. Sonata for Violoncello and Piano
Robert Cundick

David Sargent
2. Impulsive
3. Empathetic
4. Spontaneous

5. Induction Coil
Michael Hicks

Sonata for Cello and Piano
Reid Nibley
6. Fast and Intense
7. Adagio (Elegy)
8. Fast and Jubilant


Executive Producer: Clyn Barrus

Producer: Michael Hicks

Recording Engineer: Jon Holloman

Digital Editing: Jon Holloman and Troy Sales

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