Partial View [CD] - Murray Boren, BYU Wind Symphony, BYU Chamber Orchestra

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Partial View [CD] - Murray Boren, BYU Wind Symphony, BYU Chamber Orchestra

Composer Murray Boren provides listeners with a kaleidoscope of his nationally-known compositional style. Recorded at BYU, the CD features Tantara artist Irene Peery-Fox on the Concerto for Winds and Piano. The harp-piano duets from Liturgical Dance are lovely, and Prayer from Winter Quarters features the BYU Chamber Orchestra with dramatic narration. Though Boren's style is unabashedly contemporary, listeners report the music communicates richly.


Concerto for Piano and Winds [1997]
Irene Peery-Fox, piano
David Blackinton, conductor
Brigham Young University Wind Symphony

1. Mvt. I Allegro agitato

2. Mvt. II Moderato

3. Mvt. III Allegro, poco presto

Movements from the Liturgical Dance [1996]
Donna Fairbanks, violin
Lysa Rytting, harp

4. Movement I

5. Movement II

6. Movement III

7. Movement IV

8. Movement V

Prayers from Winter Quarters [1998]
Eric Samuelsen, text
Donna Dalton, speaker
David Dalton, conductor
Brigham Young University Chamber Orchestra

9. Prayer 1

10. Prayer 2

11. Prayer 3

12. Prayer 4

13. Prayer 5

Mary Miniatures [1995]
Glen Nelson, poems
Susan Alexander, soprano
Donna Fairbanks, violin
Winona Vogelman, violin
James Rhodes, viola
Brian Stucki, cello
Walter Birkedahl, bass
Tahlia Anderson, harp

14. Jesu, Lay Your Sleeping Head

15. Desire

16. Remedies

17. Mary Miniature

18. Vocalise


Produced by Michael Hicks and Murray Boren