CHOIR: Guide Videos & Parts

Downloadable SHEET MUSIC link:

SATB choir parts: Soprano, Alto, Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Baritone, Bass + Tenor Solo

The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 8, 2020.
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***Scroll down for RECORDING & SUBMISSION instructions.***







TENOR SOLO (open to men and women): If you are interested in being considered for a vocal solo feature, you can submit a video for that part, just like you will for any other part. However, not all submissions for soloists will be selected for the final video. We recommend that you record your solo with a professional studio microphone. 

Recording & Submission Instructions


  • Lighting - Please make sure your face is well lit, nice and bright.
  • Wardrobe - Please make sure you are wearing a solid colored shirt. Red, blue, or black would probably be best. Please do not have pictures, words, or logos on your shirts.
  • Noise - Make sure the room you are performing in does not have any fans, air conditioners, or heaters. We want to make sure we only hear the sound of your voice/instrument.
  • Headphones - Please use headphones to listen to the Guide Video for your instrument/voice part while recording yourself so that your microphone doesn't pick up the sound from the Guide Video. We just want to hear you!
  • Video recording device - Use a video recording device such as a computer or phone with a camera that will record both video AND audio.
    • If you have a good external microphone (a microphone that you can plug into your computer), we recommend that you use and plug it into your video recording device so that you can record the best version of your performance.


  1. REHEARSE! REHEARSE! REHEARSE! Please take time to learn this music before you record. You will be much happier with your performance!!
  2. Get your video recording device ready to record.
    • Before recording the entire piece, please do some "test recordings" during the part of the song when you are playing or singing the loudest so that you can adjust your distance to your recording device's microphone in order to not be too loud in the recording, which can cause distortion.
  3. Press play on the Guide Video that pertains to your instrument/voice part.
  4. Click RECORD on your audio and video recording device (computer, phone, etc.) WHEN YOU START TO SEE the visual 5-4-3-2-1 countdown (this way your device is recording when you hear the first click).
  5. You will then hear EIGHT clicks before the piece begins, which includes a FOUR-click count-off by the conductor.
    • Please give a single CLAP—or make another sharp noise—on the FIFTH click of the EIGHT clicks before the piece begins (this will be the FIRST click of the count-off by the conductor). Having this "starting noise" will help us line up your video more easily. 
  6. Now play/sing your heart out!
  7. Before moving and turning off your video device after the song finishes, hold your final position until you see the "THANK YOU!" message so that we can have a killer ending to the video!


  1. Upload your video recording to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box (or YouTube, if you don't have access to one of the other methods).
  2. Click the following link and complete the Submission Form by Friday, May 8, 2020:
     Submit Your Video Now - Submission Button
    • Please make sure to select your correct instrument/voice part, and paste the correct "downloadable link" to your video file into the form.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Because we are combining the images and performances of individuals from a variety of ages, if you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or legal guardian grant permission for us to use your video, and they must be the one that supplies their contact information and submits the Submission Form.
  3. Rest, follow BYU Vocal Point and Lyceum Philharmonic on social media, and do good in the world!