Flying High [CD] - BYU Synthesis

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Synthesis, Brigham Young University's award-winning jazz big band, takes you on a high-energy journey in their new release Flying High. Under the leadership of director Ray Smith, Synthesis shows off their chops on tunes ranging from jazz standards to new compositions by talented student band members. As you come along for the ride, you will enjoy a variety of styles, exciting solos, and a little more emphasis on vocal tunes than on previous albums. Flying High will remind you why the band is called Synthesis—a melding of separate elements.

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1. Hello Young Lovers (4:51)
Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, arr. Kim Richmond
Suzy Lind, vocals

2. Send in the Clowns (4:27)
Stephen Sondheim, arr. Christopher Gunning
Kevin Jenson, vocals

3. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (2:54)
George Bassman and Ned Washington, arr. Bill Holman

4. Jalousie (5:23)
Jacob Gade, arr. Kevin Jenson

5. I Just Found Out About Love (2:37)
Harold Adamson and Jimmy McHugh, arr. Frank Foster
Suzy Lind, vocals

6. Waiting (11:52)
Stephen Anderson

7. Fox Hunt ("Live" at Nauvoo) (4:45)
Michael Abene

8. Nossa Vida Infinita (8:25)
Kurt Reeder

9. Invitation (7:29)
Bronislau Kaper and Paul Webster, arr. Eric Richards

10. Det har ikke været nemt (It's Been Rough to Say the Least) (8:22)
Kevin Jenson
Kevin Jenson, vocals

11. Our Delight (6:55)
Tadd Dameron, arr. Kurt Reeder

12. That's How We Roll (8:04)
Gordon Goodwin


Ray Smith, director

Jory Woodis, alto saxophone and clarinet
Justin Hammer, alto saxophone and flute
Ben Nichols, tenor saxophone and flute
Kevin Miller, tenor saxophone and bass clarinet
Curtis Woodbury, tenor saxophone and violin
Derek Crane, tenor saxophone*
Peter Reschke, baritone saxophone and bass clarinet
Eric Backman, baritone saxophone*
Brian Woodbury, trombone
Kevin Jenson, trombone and vocals
Brennan Bown, trombone
Curtis Biggs, trombone*
Michael Thornton, bass trombone
Charlie Carr, trumpet and flugelhorn
Bryce Call, trumpet and flugelhorn
Austie Robinson, trumpet and flugelhorn
Suzy Lind, trumpet, flugelhorn, and vocals
Abby Castleton, trumpet and flugelhorn
Kurt Reeder, piano
Trevor Dixon, piano*
Chase Baker, guitar
Aaron McMurray, bass
Jay Tibbitts, drums

* "Fox Hunt" only

Producer: Ray Smith

Executive producer: Ben Fales, BYU Records

Project coordinator: Manuel Delgado

Recorded at LA East Recording Studios* in Salt Lake City by Michael Chadbourne and assisted by Ryan Boud and Michael Thornton

Mixed at the LDS Motion Picture Studio in Provo, Utah, by Michael Chadbourne

Mastered at the LDS Motion Picture Studio in Provo, Utah, by Michael Maughan

BYU Records is part of BYU Music Group, an enterprise center in the School of Music at Brigham Young University and part of the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

*Special Thanks to Randy Thornton and LA East Recording Studios for their generosity and help.