Go My Son [Physical Sheet Music]

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Sheet music to "Go My Son" with words and music by Carnes Burson and Arlene Nofchissey Williams. Includes music, lyrics, and guide to lyrics in International Indian Sign Language.

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“Go My Son” lyrics
Spoken introduction:
Long ago an Indian War Chief counseled his people in the way they should walk. He wisely told them that education is the ladder to success and happiness. “Go my son, and climb that ladder….”

Go my son, go and climb the ladder
Go my son, go and earn your feather
Go my son, make your people proud of you

Work, my son, get an education
Work, my son, learn a good vocation
Climb my son, go and take a lofty view

From on the ladder of an education
You can see to help your Indian Nation
Then reach, my son, and lift your people up with you