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In Q'd Up's fifth studio album, Never Better features music that is stimulating, thought provoking, and entertaining. It is truly a musical journey, attributed to five restless, creative, and always-searching instrumentalists, accompanied by the special appearance of several amazing guest musicians. With access to world-class recording studios, Q'd Up has been able to consistently record their new works, leading to what has been coined by one of the group members as an "embarrassment of riches," with more than three hours of recorded material to chose from when creating this album. With each member uniquely contributing a fresh sound, presence, and perspective, this record is, indeed, Never Better.

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1. Fiery Vortex
Composed and arranged by Jay Lawrence
Featuring guest Corey Christiansen, guitar

2. Deseret Skies
Composed by Steve Lindeman and Jay Lawrence, arranged by Steve Lindeman
Featuring guest Monte Belknap, violin

3. Never Better
Composed and arranged by Steve Lindeman
Featuring guests Wycliffe Gordon, trombone, and Matt Larson, fretless electric bass

4. Genuario
Composed and arranged by Jay Lawrence
Featuring Corey Christiansen, guitar, and Matt Larson, electric bass

5. Hesitation Point
Composed and arranged by Steve Lindeman

6. Marshmallow Bounce
Composed and arranged by Ron Saltmarsh
Featuring guest Kurt Reeder, Hammond A-100 organ

7. Fantazm
Composed by Duke Ellington, arranged by Jay Lawrence

8. One for Two Dans
Composed by Danny Dritt, Danny O. Snow, and Steve Lindeman, arranged by Steve Lindeman
Featuring guest Monte Belknap, violin

9. Oh Thank Heaven!
Composed by Jay Lawrence and Steve Lindeman, arranged by Jay Lawrence

10. Listen to the Leaves
Composed and arranged by Steve Lindeman

11. Payin' My Dues Blues
Composed and arranged by Jay Lawrence


Executive producer: Ben Fales

Producer: Ray Smith

Tracks 1, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11: recorded 2013–14 at Ray Smith’s Studio 10 in Orem, Utah, by Jeff Carter.
Ron Brough: vibes and percussion; Corey Christiansen: guitar on “Fiery Vortex” (overdubbed at the LDS Motion Picture Studio). Eric Hansen: bass; Jay Lawrence: drum set and percussion; Steve Lindeman: Hammond A-100 organ, Vintage Vibe electric piano on “Oh Thank Heaven!” (Fazioli piano overdubbed at the BYU Madsen Recital Hall); Ray Smith: saxes, bass clarinet, and flute.

Tracks 3, 4: recorded 2015 at the LDS Motion Picture Studio by Michael Chadbourne, Cade Thalman, assistant.
Ron Brough: vibes and percussion; Corey Christiansen: guitar on “Genuario”; Wycliffe Gordon: trombone on “Never Better”; Eric Hansen: bass; Matt Larson: electric bass on “Genuario” and “Never Better”; Jay Lawrence: drum set and percussion; Steve Lindeman: Yamaha C7 piano; Ray Smith: saxes and flute.

Tracks 2, 6, 8: recorded 2016 at the LDS Motion Picture Studio in Provo, Utah, by Michael Chadbourne.
Monte Belknap: violin on “Desert Skies” and “One for Two Dans”; Eric Hansen: bass; Steve Lindeman: Yamaha C7 piano; Kurt Reeder: Hammond A-100 organ on “Marshmallow Bounce” (overdubbed at Studio Y, engineered by Ron Saltmarsh); Ron Saltmarsh: guitars (Epiphone Joe Pass, Gretsch 6120-CAR, Fender Stratocaster Plus, Hernandez classical guitar, custom Taylor 612c acoustic); Ray Smith: saxes, clarinet in A, and flute; Jay Lawrence: drum set and percussion (congas overdubbed at BYU’s Studio Y, engineered by Ron Saltmarsh).

All tracks were edited and mixed by Michael Chadbourne at the LDS Motion Picture Studio, Provo, Utah.

CD mastered by Cliff Maag, Record Lab, Provo, Utah.

Publishers: LIJA Music Inc. [Tracks 1, 2, 4, 11]; Green Kiss Music [Tracks 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10]; Dash of Salt Music [Track 6]; Sony ATV Harmony [Track 7]

Liner notes: Steve Lindeman

Booklet editor: Lena Harper

Designer: Olivia Knudsen

Ray Smith is a Cannonball Saxophone Recording Artist and endorses Mio flutes and clarinets, Jody Jazz mouthpieces, and D'Addario reeds. 

Jay Lawrence endorses DW drums, Zildjian cymbals, Remo drumheads, and Vic Firth sticks and brushes.

Ron Saltmarsh would like to thank DigiTech for providing the amazing guitar pedals used on these recordings. 

Q'd Up is currently composed of
Eric Hansen
Jay Lawrence
Steve Lindeman
Ron Saltmarsh
Ray Smith