Playing Tribute: Paris and Hollywood Sax. Quartets [double CD] - Utah Saxophone Quartet

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The Utah Saxophone Quartet was formed at Brigham Young University in 1983 to be an exemplary ensemble for BYU saxophone students and to provide a performance outlet for the members involved. When Ray Smith was hired to teach saxophone at BYU in 1982, it was his dream to bring the fine art of saxophone quartet performance to Utah. The Utah Saxophone Quartet has been a pioneering ensemble since that time.

The current personnel has been stable since about 1985, and all the members of the quartet are BYU School of Music alumni. In fact, they have been friends since high school and have studied with several common teachers, including Steve Allen and David Randall, former director of the BYU School of Music.

The quartet has always used the French saxophone quartet instrumentation with Ray Smith on soprano, Daron Bradford on alto, David Feller on tenor, and Gaylen Smith on baritone. All of the members of the ensemble double on multiple woodwinds, and the quartet will often add clarinet quartets, flute quartets, or mixed woodwind quartets to concert programs. This album includes four clarinet quartets in addition to the saxophone offerings.
Each member of the quartet is extensively active in the Utah recording scene, and all are mainstays in the Utah performance arena.

This project has been a labor of love and has brought to recorded history many of the pieces that have thrilled live audiences for the past two decades.

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Quatuor pour Saxophones [1949]
Faustin and Maurice JeanJean
1.Gaité Villageoise

2. Doux Paysage

3. Papillons (Cherzo)

4. Concert sur la Place (Humoristique)

Andante and Scherzo [1938]
Eugene Bozza
5. Andante

6. Scherzo

Suite of Small Pieces
Gabriel Pierné
7.Chanson de la Grand’ Maman [1938]

8.Chanson d’Autrefois [1938]

9.La Veillée de L’ange Gardien [1938]

10.Marche des Petits Soldats de Plomb[1946]

Sevilla [1886, trans. 1978]
Isaac Albéniz, trans. Marcel Mule
11. Allegro moderato

Petit Quatuor pour Saxophones [1939]
Jean Françaix
12. Gaguenardise

13. Cantiléne

14. Sérénade Comique

15.La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin [1910, arr. 2001]
“The Girl with the Flaxen Hair”
Claude Debussy, arr. Daron Bradford

Quatuor pour Saxophones [1964]
Alfred Desenclos
16. Allegro non troppo

17. Andante

18. Poco largo, ma risoluto-Allegro energico


Three Preludes [1927, arr. 1987]
George Gershwin, arr.Wolfgang Schlei
1. Allegro ben ritmato e deciso

2. Andante con moto e poco rubato

3. Allegro ben ritmato e deciso

A Study in Contrasts [1954]
Sammy Nestico
4. The Demure

5. The Delightful

Ragtime Suite [1974]
trans. Arthur Frackenpohl
6. Pan-Am Rag

7. Something Doing

8. The Cascades

9.Air [1731, arr. 1987]
Johann Sebastian Bach, arr. Franz Watz

The Goldrush Suite [1959]
Jack Marshall
10. Sweet Betsy from Pike

11. The Days of '49

12. California Stage Coach

13. Used Up Man

14.What Was Your Name in the States?

15. Lousy Minor

16. Joe Bowers and The California Bank Robbers

Pieces for Clarinet Quartet [1990]
Dan Higgins
17.On the Cool Side

18.Opus 44

19.Let Me Hear You


Originally for the Hollywood Saxophone Quartet [1958]
arr. Lennie Niehaus
21.There Will Never Be Another You
Harry Warren and Mack Gordon

22.All the Things You Are
Jerome Kern

23.Have You Met Miss Jones
Richard Rodgers

24.Fascinatin’ Rhythm
George Gershwin

25.The Junk Food Blues [1979, arr. 1988]
John Whitney, arr. Ray Smith


Executive Producer: Ron Simpson

Producer: Ray Smith

Associate Producer: Daron Bradford

Assisted By Ralph Laycock

Recorded and Mixed By Michael Chadbourne at the LDS Motion Picture Studio, Provo, Utah

Assisted By Richard Duke and Michael Maughan

Recorded December 2003 and March, June, and August 2004

Mastered By Michael Maughan

Tantara Records is an enterprise center in the School of Music at Brigham Young University, and part of the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

Performance Credits:

Ray Smith, soprano saxophone

Daron Bradford, alto saxophone

David Feller, tenor saxophone

Gaylen Smith, baritone saxophone