Rachmaninov Without Words [double CD] - Brian Stucki & Massimiliano Frani

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This new CD comes highly recommended from the Tantara staff. Featuring duo partners Massimiliano Frani, currently Artistic Director of the Treviso International Piano Competition, and Brian Stucki, principal cello of the Chicago Opera Orchestra, this value-priced double CD features the songs of Rachmaninov, with the vocal lines transcribed for cello. "This is some of the most breathtaking music I've ever heard," comments Sarah Reinwand, Tantara's former operations manager.

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1. Oh, stay my love, forsake me not, op. 4, no. 1

2. When silent night doth hold me, op. 4, no. 3

3. Oh, never sing to me again, op. 4, no. 4

4. For a life of pain I have given my love, op. 8 no. 4

5. Midsummer nights, op. 14, no. 5

6. Love's flame, op. 14, no. 10

7. The lilacs, op. 21, no. 5

8. Loneliness, op. 21, no. 6

9. How fair this spot, op. 21, no. 7

10. Melody, op. 21, no. 9

11. Before the image, op. 21, no. 10

12. Beloved let us fly, op. 26, no. 5

13. Arion, op. 34, no. 14

14. Vocalise, op. 34, no. 14

15. Dreams, op. 38, no. 5


Sonata in G Minor, Op. 19

1. Lento-Allegro moderato

2. Allegro scherzando

3. Adante

4. Allegro mosso


Executive Producer: Ron Simpson

Producer: Massimiliano Frani

Sound Engineer: Jon Holloman

Digital editing/mastering: Troy Sales

Recorded at Eric and Nancy Garen residence, Park City, Utah, July 2001

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