Richard Faith: Neo-Romantic Music for Mixed Chamber Ensemble [CD]

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The neo-romantic music of Richard Faith demonstrates compositional skill, craftsmanship, and moments that transcend sentiment, yet it is clearly human and at certain points “unavoidably sentimental.” Perhaps Faith’s ability to strike a balance between these two poles of expression is what many performers and audiences have found to be so alluring about his music. Scholar Walter Simmons has described American neo-romantic composers as “voices in the wilderness.” Throughout Faith’s career there was pressure to write music that perhaps distanced him from the academic establishment. Yet he has persisted and continues to hold to his unique voice at age 90.

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1-6 Divertimento for Two Violins, Violoncello, and Piano [2013]
(world premier recording)
Alexander Woods, Aubrey Woods, Garrick Woods, Rex Woods
I. Larghetto [3:44]
II. Vivace [1:16]
III. Andante espressivo [3:22]
IV. Allegretto [0:44]
V. Andante [4:18]
VI. Allegro con fuoco [2:11]

7-10 Trio for Violin, Violoncello, and Piano [1965]
Alexander Woods, Garrick Woods, Rex Woods
I. Moderato espressivo [3:37]
II. Andante espressivo [8:22]
III. Allegro scherzando [2:33]
IV. Presto [7:02]

11-15 Quintet for Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Bassoon, and Piano [2014]
(world premier recording)
Aubrey Woods, Alexander Woods, Garrick Woods, Rex Woods, Christian Smith
I. Largo espressivo [2:23]
II. Allegro giusto [5:32]
III. Andante: “Gettysburg” [2:20]
IV. Moderato [5:19]
V. Allegro risoluto-jauntily [3:14]


Producers: Ben Fales, Alexander Woods
Recording and mixing engineer: Jeff Carter
Editing and mastering engineer: Troy Sales

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