Welcome Home [CD] - BYU Young Ambassadors

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Welcome Home is a fun kaleidoscope of family entertainment featuring a musical lineup of international hits originally performed by the likes of Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra, as well as Broadway show tunes from musicals such as Hamilton, In the Heights, Singin' in the Rain, and the beloved Wizard of Oz

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1. Welcome
From Brother Bear

2. When You're Home
From In the Heights

3. Ease on down the Road
From The Wiz

4. Over the Rainbow
From The Wizard of Oz

5. Singin' in the Rain
From Singin' in the Rain

6. A Whole New World
From Aladdin

7. Chicago (That Toddling Town)/Down with Love
Tribute to Frank Sinatra/Judy Garland

8. Chicago Medley
"25 or 6 to 4"/"Hard to Say I'm Sorry"/"Get Away"

9. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
From Hamilton

10. Once upon a Time
From Brooklyn

11. Journey of No End
From Our Story Goes On

12. Home of the Brave
Tribute to Toto


Executive producer: Ben Fales

Producer: Ron Saltmarsh

Associate producers: Randy Boothe, Eric Hansen

Recording engineers: Garon Brett, Parker Robinson, Justin DeLong, Joseph Facer [Recorded at Studio Y and Studio B, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.]

Editing engineers:
Band: Parker Robinson
Lead vocals: Scott Shattuck, tracks 1–7, 10–12; Jeff Carter, track 8; David Allen, track 9
Background vocals: Parker Robinson, tracks 1–5, 7–12; Scott Shattuck, track 6; David Allen, track 9

Mixing engineers: Ron Saltmarsh, tracks 1–8, 10–12; Jeff Carter, tracks 8–9

Mastering engineer: Troy Sales

Cover design: Jessica Johnson

Booklet design: Olivia Knudsen

Booklet editor: Lena Harper

BYU Young Ambassadors

Directors: Randy Boothe, artistic director; Eric Hansen, music director; John Shurtleff, technical director

Singers: Ren Cottam, Hanna Cutler, Hannah Dalley, Cole Davis, Jayne Edwards, Daniel Gallacher, Carlos Garcia, Scott Hendrickson, Jessica Jensen, Jacob Khalil, Ellora Lattin, Kaitlyn Lunt, Lucas Pessoa, Kelsey Phillips, Anna Tanner, Johnathan Tanner, Emily Taylor, Preston Taylor, Cagen Tregeagle, Daniel Wallentine, Christian Wawro, Haley Wawro, Channing Weir

Showband: David Allen, Dan Ankenman, Jordan Bromley, Jake Callahan, Abigail Castleton, Joseph Facer, Sydni Garvin, Amy Giullian, Diana Harden, Ethan Hemsley, C. J. Madsen, Blake Morgan, Kelly Oja, Alyssa Perkins, Austie Robinson, Jordan Turner, Spencer Walgren, Christian Walker

Technicians: Madeline Auman, Nathan Barton, Aleks Christensen, Taylor Glad, Kimball Hill, Adam Millett, Grant Porter, Mercedes Schaerrer

Special thanks to Ross Boothe, Garon Brett, Janielle Christensen, Parker Robinson, Ron Saltmarsh, Kirt Saville, Bart Schaerrer, John Shurtleff, BYU School of Music, and BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications.