Discovering Helen Taylor 2 [CD] - Grant Johannesen and Friends

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Discovering Helen Taylor 2 [CD] - Grant Johannesen and Friends

Helen Taylor was a gifted young Utah composer with a fine New York pedigree and endless promise. Her life was tragically cut short in a 1950 auto accident. The 2001 Tantara album Discovering Helen Taylor reintroduced this talented composer to the music-loving public. In this long-awaited follow-up CD, Taylor’s husband, the late and legendary pianist Grant Johannesen, revisits some of the existing piano scores left behind, and Kelly Parkinson, violin, and Ellen Bridger, cello also perform. The BYU Faculty String Quartet performs a fugue discovered when Taylor’s papers were donated to BYU. Discovering Helen Taylor 2 is believed to be the last recordings made by Mr. Johannesen.


1. Fugue in A Minor for String Quartet
BYU Faculty String Quartet: Monte Belknap and Kory Katseanes, violins; Ruth Monson, viola; Julie Bevan, cello

Theme and Variations in A-flat Major
Kelly Parkinson, violin; Ellen Bridger, cello
2. Theme

3. Variation I

4. Variation II

5. Variation III

6. Variation IV

7. Variation V

8. Variation VI

9. Variation VII [0:53]

10. Variation VIII [1:04]

11. Variation IX [1:08]

12. Variation X [3:04]

Six Preludes
Grant Johannesen, piano
13. Prelude I [0:51]

14. Prelude II [1:00]

15. Prelude III [3:09]

16. Prelude IV [1:20]

17. Prelude V [1:53]

18. Prelude VI [2:41]

Five Children's Pieces
Grant Johannesen, piano
19. At Play [0:51]

20. Earthworm [1:41]

21. Rain [0:59]

22. Sunshine [1:39]

23. Lullaby [1:32]

24. FUGUE IN C MINOR [2:45]
Grant Johannesen, piano


Executive Producer: Ron Simpson

Produced by Grant Johannesen and Robert Cundick

Recorded by Jon Holloman at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square except Fugue in

A minor,
which was recorded at Brigham Young University.

Mastered by Troy Sales

Notes by Roger Miller

Score interpretation of Fugue in A minor by Michael Hicks, Monte Belknap, and the BYU Faculty String Quartet

Graphic design: Ben Fales and Rachael Haney (based on the Wendy Heim design of Helen Taylor's first CD)

Digital colorization and manipulation of cover photo: Brian Barrus