Discovering Helen Taylor [CD] - Grant Johannesen and Friends

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Helen Taylor, who died tragically in 1950, was a gifted and promising Juilliard-trained composer and the wife of pianist Grant Johannesen. Taylor's scores have been resurrected by Johannesen, and are presented here with wonderful new digital recordings and complete biographical notes. Taylor's Symphony, edited and conducted by Ralph Laycock, is an especially ambitious achievement. The album has been reviewed and praised in the audiophile magazine, Fanfare.

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Ralph Laycock, conductor
1. Allegro

2. Largo

3. Allegro marcato: a la Marcia

Sonata for Two Flutes Unaccompanied
Sally Humphreys, flute; Jane Lyman, flute
4. Allegro

5. Andante

6. Allegro moderato

7. With fantasy, fast and jolly

Sonata for Piano
Grant Johannesen, piano
8. March

9. Theme and Variations

Sonata for Violin and Piano
Kelly Clark Parkinson, violin;
Grant Johannesen, piano
10. Allegro

11. Andante con moto

12. Moderato: jazzy


Produced by Grant Johannesen and Robert Cundick

Executive producer: Ron Simpson

Recording engineers: Jon Holloman (all chamber works) and Glen Neibaur (Symphony)

Mix of the symphony: Dan Carlisle at Soularium Studio, produced by Ralph Laycock

Digital editing and mastering by Troy Sales, in consultation with Jon Holloman and Ron Simpson

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