Sabbath Song II [CD] - Clayne Robison and Friends

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Clayne Robison's second collection of Mormon art songs for the Mormon worship service and the recital hall features previous accompanist Reid Nibley (Sabbath Song) and composer David Fletcher at the piano, along with lyrical cellist Brian Stucki. Sabbath Song II has been praised as "even more memorable than the first collection."

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1. How Gentle God's Commands
Philip Doddridge and Marcus Smith

2. Praise to the Lord
Joachim Neander, Stralsund Gesangbuch, setting Daniel Carter

3. Guide Me to Thee
Orson Pratt Huish, setting Robert Lee Rowberry

4. Weepin' Mary
Words: Traditional
Music: David Fletcher

5. Eternal Day
Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, and David Fletcher

6. Wondrous Love
Words: Traditional
Music: David Fletcher

7. Our Savior's Love
Edward L. Hart, Crawford Gates, setting Douglas Bush

8. Precious Savior
H.R. Pallmer, setting Robert Lee Rowberry

9. All Creatures of Our God and King
St. Francis of Assisi, translated William H. Draper, setting David Fletcher

10. Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd
Mary B. Wingate, William J. Kirkpatrick, setting Robert Lee Rowberry

11. To Christ Crucified
David Fletcher

12. O My Father
Eliza R. Snow, james MrGranahan, setting Adam Dawson

13. I Know That My Redeemer Lives
Samuel Medley, Lewis D. Edwards, setting Robert Lee Rowberry

14. Refresh Us
John Faucett and Murray Boren

15. If You Could Hie to Kolob
William W. Phelps, setting David Fletcher

16. Secret Prayer
Hans Henry Peterson and Marcus Smith


Executive producer and project coordinator: Ron Simpson

Producers: Clayne Robison and Marcus Smith

Recording, mixing, assembly, and premastering: Troy Sales

Digital editing and mastering: Troy Sales

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