Sabbath Song [CD] - Clayne Robison and Reid Nibley

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These heartfelt performances by Clayne Robison, baritone, and Reid Nibley, piano, of sacred Mormon hymn arrangements and new compositions by contemporary Mormon musicians have been heard and appreciated by musicians as far away as Russia and Australia. The texts are included in the 24-page, scripturally annotated booklet. Dr. Robison has made it a labor of love to collect these new works, suitable for the Mormon worship service, and created by significant contemporary composers.

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1. Softly Beams the Sacred Dawning
John Jaques and Marcus Smith

2. O Galilee
Robert Morris and H.R. Palmer, setting Robert Lee Rowberry

3. How Firm a Foundation
Robert Keen and Murray Boren

4. Pioneer Lullaby
Virginia Maughan Kammayer and David A. Zabriskie

5. Could the Grove Withhold Its Glory?
Marcus Smith

6. I Am the True Vine
Royce Isham

7. Prayer of Dedication
Orson Hyde and Robert Manookin

8. Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee
Bernard of Clairvaux and Reid Nibley

9. I Wait Upon Thee
Robert Galbraith

10. Who Are These Arrayed in White Robes?
Robert P. Manookin

11. How Beautiful Thy Temples, Lord
Frank I. Kooyman and Tracy Y. Cannon, setting Robert Lee Rowberry

12. Home, Dost thou Beckon?
Marcus Smith

13. If a Man Die, Shall He Live Again?
Robert Cundick

14. I Stand All Amazed
Charles H. Gabriel, setting Robert Lee Rowberry

15. Evening Song
Anne Steele and Marcus Smith

16. Abide with Me: 'Tis Eventide
Lowrie M. Hofford, Harrison Millard, setting Daniel Bradshaw

17. O Love That Glorifies the Son
Lorin F. Wheelwright, setting Murray Boren

18. More Holiness Give Me
Philip Paul Bliss, setting Ronald Staheli


Executive Producer: Clyn Barrus

Project Coordinator: Elizabeth Thomas

Recording, Assembly, and Mastering: Rick McFarland for RMS Audio Engineering and Design

Selections numbered 3, 4, 8, 10, 14, 16, and 18 were recorded in St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Park City, Utah. The remaining selections were recorded in the de Jong Concert Hall of the Harris Fine Arts Center at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

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