Quiet Classics [CD] - Reid Nibley

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Ever since pianist Reid Nibley released Quiet Classics, the CD has been a Tantara best seller, turning the home or work environment into a more restful, pleasant, dignified place. A former artist-in-residence at BYU and frequent guest soloist with the Utah Symphony and other major orchestras, Dr. Nibley is a longtime favorite with Mormon audiences and is the composer of the delightfully reserved Mormon hymn "I Know My Father Lives."

Nibley has collected these beautiful, reflective piano themes over the years, and knows instinctively how to play his way into the heart and soul. As you listen to Debussy, Chopin, Brahams, and others, you'll feel this program has been planned and performed just for you. (See also Dr. Nibley's 12 Hymn Preludes, lovely piano excursions built upon Mormon themes.)

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1. The Maid with Flaxen Hair
Claude Debussy

2. Songs Without Words. op19, no.1
Felix Mendelssohn

3. Prelude in D-flat Major, op.28, no. 15
Frederic Chopin

4. Adagio from Oboe Concerto

5. Three Preludes, op.28,nos 4,6, & 7
Frederic Chopin

6. Prelude in F-sharp Major, op. 28, no. 13
Frederic Chopin

7. Intermezzo in E-flat Major, op. 117, no. 1
Johannes Brahms

8. Nocturne in C Major, op. 54, no. 4
Edward Grieg

9. Arietta in E-flat Major, op. 12, no. 1
Edward Grieg

10. The Lonely Wanderer, op. 43, no 2
Edward Grieg

11. Moment Musical in A-flat Major, op. 94, no. 6
Franz Schubert

12. Adagio Contabile from Sonata, op. 13
Ludwig Van Beethoven

13. Consolation in D-flat Major
Franz Liszt

14. Clair de Lune (Moonlight)
Claude Debussy


Executive Producer: David M. Randall

Reissue Producer: Ron Simpson

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