Jaren Hinckley: Jazz-Influenced Classical Works for Clarinet [CD] - Jaren Hinckley

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Jaren Hinckley explores classical works composed with a notable use of jazz harmonies. From sections of expressive lyricism to parts resembling improvised jazz riffs, this album showcases jazz-influenced classical compositions for clarinet and piano. Jaren Hinckley is accompanied by pianist Vince Humphries.

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Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano
1. Mvt. I. Allegro calmato
2. Mvt. II. Lento, quasi andante
3. Mvt. III. Con brio

4. Elegie

Pocket-Size Sonata No. 1
5. Mvt. I. Improvisation: Tempo rubato-espressivo
6. Mvt. II. Modal Blues: Tempo di Blues
7. Mvt. III. In Rhythm: Moderato

Pocket-Size Sonata No. 2
8. Mvt. I. Moderato (and Mellow)
9. Mvt. II. Menuetto: Andante gone moto
10. Mvt. III. Allegretto: Quasi cool

ALEC WILDER (1907–80)
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
11. Mvt. I. Allegro moderato
12. Mvt. II. Andante
13. Mvt. III. Grazioso
14. Mvt. IV. Allegro con fuoco

GENE DINOVI (b. 1928)
15. The Gardens of Japan

DAVID BAKER (b. 1931)
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
16. Mvt. I. Blues
17. Mvt. II. Loneliness
18. Mvt. III. Dance


Produced by
Jaren Hinckley and Jon Holloman

Executive producers for Tantara and postproduction supervisors: Ben Fales and Ron Simpson

Recorded by Jon Holloman

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