The Simeon Bellison Clarinet Legacy [double CD] - Simeon Bellison

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Simeon Bellison playing the music of Grechaninov, Brahms, Weinberg, Weber, and Mozart. Mr. Bellison is accompanied by the Budapest String Quartet, Nadia Reisenberg (piano), Isiah Seligman (piano), and others.

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Sonata in B-flat Major, op. 161
Alexander Grechaninov
Simeon Bellison with Nadia Reisenberg, piano

1. Mvt. I: Allegro

2. Mvt. II: Canzona

3. Mvt. III: Finale, vivace

Clarinet Quintet in B Minor, op. 115
Johannes Brahms
Performance recording of Simeon Bellison with the Budapest String Quartet, Library of Congress, September 28, 1944.
4. Mvt. I: Allegro

5. Mvt. II: Adagio

6. Mvt. III: Andantino—Presto non assai, ma con sentimento

7. Mvt. IV: Con moto

Clarinet Trio in A Minor, op. 114
Johannes Brahms
Simeon Bellison, clarinet, with Naoum Benditzky, cello, and Frank Sheridan, piano
8. Mvt. I: Allegro

9. Mvt. II: Adagio

10. Mvt. III: Andantino grazioso

11. Mvt. IV: Allegro

12. “Grandmother’s Stories,” from Hebraic Pictures (4) for Clarinet and Piano
Jacob Weinberg, arr. Simeon Bellison Simeon Bellison, clarinet, with Isiah Seligman, piano


Clarinet Quintet in B-flat Major, op. 34 (“Grand Quintet”)
Carl Maria von Weber
Simeon Bellison with chamber group conducted by Eddy Brown

1. Mvt. I: Allegro

2. Mvt. II: Fantasia: Adagio ma non troppo

3. Mvt. III: Menuetto: Capriccio presto

4. Mvt. IV: Rondo: Allego giocoso
Clarinet Quintet in A Major, K. 581
Simeon Bellison, clarinet, with the Budapest String Quartet

5. Mvt. I: Allegro

6. Mvt. II: Larghetto

7. Mvt. III: Menuetto

8. Mvt. IV: Allegretto con variazioni

9. Concertino, op. 26
Carl Maria von Weber
Mr. Bellison with Nadia Reisenberg or Julius Chajes, piano

10. Seven Variations on a theme from Silvana for Clarinet and Piano, op. 33
Jacob Weingberg
Simeon Bellison with Nadia Reisenberg, piano

11. Jewish Soldier Song
arr. by Simeon Bellison
Simeon Bellison with Isiah Seligman, piano


12. Unrestored Medley:
Short excerpts from Weber Concertino,
Brahms Quintet,and Brahms Trio
Simeon Bellison with strings


Executive Producer: Kory Katseanes, administrator, The Heritage Series

Produced by Ron Simpson

Consultants: Bona Belliston Belnap, David M. Randall

Assistants to Mr. Simpson: Andrew Maxfield, Mike McClellan

Project coordination: Ben Fales

Original digitization and audio restoration by Angela Baer Owen

Audio restoration and editing for the Heritage Series: Troy Sales, with Mike McClellan, John Polito

Mastering: Troy Sales

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