The Leroy Robertson Organ Legacy [CD] - David Pickering

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Performed by David Pickering on the Assembly Hall Organ at Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah, The Leroy Robertson Organ Legacy features major works by Dr. Leroy Robertson as well as works by several of his associates: Robert Cundick, Crawford Gates, J. J. Keeler, William Wallace, and Darwin Wolford.

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1. Variations on a Theme by Handel
Darwin Wolford [b. 1936]

Organ Sonata in B Minor
Leroy Robertson [1896–1971]
2. Prelude

3. Scherzo

4. Ricercare

5. Intermezzo

6. Fantasia in F Minor

7. Chorale Improvisation on “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” (Picardy)
J.J. Keeler [1913–1996]

8. Passacaglia in G Minor
J.J. Keeler [1913–1996]

9. Chorale Prelude: “Als Jesus Christus in der Nacht,” Op. 23, No. 3
Crawford Gates [b. 1921]

10. Meditation on a Theme by Alexander Schreiner
Darwin Wolford[b.1936]

11. Toccata on “He Is Risen!” (Neander)
William Wallace [b. 1933]

Prelude, Air, and Recessional
Robert Cundick [b. 1926]
12. Prelude

13. Air

14. Recessional


Executive producers: Ron Simpson for Tantara Records and Dale Monson for the Heritage Series on Tantara

Producers: David Pickering and Jon Holloman with Ron Simpson

Recording engineer: Jon Holloman

Tantara Records is an enterprise center in the School of Music at Brigham Young University, and part of the College of Fine Arts and Communications.