Ritual Grounds [CD] - Michael Hicks

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Ritual Grounds [CD] - Michael Hicks

This new, all-digital recording (funded in part by the Barlow Endowment) presents seven recent chamber and solo works by BYU composer Michael Hicks (1956- ). These angular yet often meditative avant-garde works, performed by faculty and top student performers at BYU, display what author Steven Johnson calls Hicks' "intellectual and spiritual independence [in] sound, which he treats intuitively, sensuously." The lavish packaging includes the composer's descriptions of each piece.


1. Rain Tiger
Caludine Bigelow, viola; Ruth Monson, shadow viola; Jaren Hinckley, clarinet; Scott Lesser, cello; Ron Brough, steel drums; Ryan Brough, maracas; Neil Thornock, toy piano; Jayne Galloway, piano; Christian Asplund, Steve Ricks, Ryan Gee, David Madden, bowls; Murray Boren, conductor

2. Exegesis of Soul
Neesha Nelson, Rhett Nelson, Philip Nelson, John Bolton, Tanya Mitchell;, saxaphones

3. Strategy of Looms
Brendan Joyce, Paul Abegg, violins; Claudine Bigelow, viola; Julie Bevan Reed, cello

4. Gate Thirteen
Ron Brough, marimba

5. The Empress of Japan
Martha Thompson, violin; Nathan Jasinski, cello; Christopher Beesley, piano

6. Spell
April Clayton, flute

7. Sacral Segments
Madeline LeBaron Johnson, Clark Burnside, Sonia Hirst Barlow, Berkely Price, clarinets


Produced by Michael Hicks and Murray Boren