Ritual Grounds [CD] - Michael Hicks

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This new, all-digital recording (funded in part by the Barlow Endowment) presents seven recent chamber and solo works by BYU composer Michael Hicks (1956- ). These angular yet often meditative avant-garde works, performed by faculty and top student performers at BYU, display what author Steven Johnson calls Hicks' "intellectual and spiritual independence [in] sound, which he treats intuitively, sensuously." The lavish packaging includes the composer's descriptions of each piece.

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1. Rain Tiger
Caludine Bigelow, viola; Ruth Monson, shadow viola; Jaren Hinckley, clarinet; Scott Lesser, cello; Ron Brough, steel drums; Ryan Brough, maracas; Neil Thornock, toy piano; Jayne Galloway, piano; Christian Asplund, Steve Ricks, Ryan Gee, David Madden, bowls; Murray Boren, conductor

2. Exegesis of Soul
Neesha Nelson, Rhett Nelson, Philip Nelson, John Bolton, Tanya Mitchell;, saxaphones

3. Strategy of Looms
Brendan Joyce, Paul Abegg, violins; Claudine Bigelow, viola; Julie Bevan Reed, cello

4. Gate Thirteen
Ron Brough, marimba

5. The Empress of Japan
Martha Thompson, violin; Nathan Jasinski, cello; Christopher Beesley, piano

6. Spell
April Clayton, flute

7. Sacral Segments
Madeline LeBaron Johnson, Clark Burnside, Sonia Hirst Barlow, Berkely Price, clarinets


Produced by Michael Hicks and Murray Boren

Recorded by Jon Holloman, David Madden, and Ben Shafer

Digitally edited by Troy Sales, David Madden, and Ben Shafer

Mastered by Troy Sales

Post production coordinated by Ron Simpson and Ben Fales

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