The Lord Is My Light [CD] - BYU Young Ambassadors

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Both visually and sonically, The Lord Is My Light is one of the most beautifully-realized CDs in the Tantara catalog. The CD captures the devotional side of The Young Ambassadors, as heard in their Sunday appearances, and also features nature sounds created by Bart Schaerrer, and stunning visual images by Finnish nature photographer Hannu Hautala. Director Randy Boothe is at the piano.

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1. The Light of Hope
R. Jason Gerber

2. Lullaby
K. Cope, D. Zabriskie

3. Teach Me to Walk in the Light/The Light Divine
Arr. by Randy Boothe

4. Lead Kindly Light
Arr. by Lex de Azevedo & Mack Wilberg

5. Better Than I
John Buccino

6. The Light of the World
R. Ross Boothe

7. Hold On, the Light Will Come
Arr. by R. Simpson, R. Boothe

8. The Way He Speaks to Me
Arr. by Larry Pearson

9. Man With Many Names
Arr. by Randy Boothe

10. He Healed Me
Michael Webb

11. The Light of His Love
R. Boothe, S. Boothe

12. Holy Father / I Am a Child of God
Arr. by Randy Boothe

13. When All Is Said and Done
Arr. by Tyler Castelton

14. The Lord Is My Light 
Arr. by James C. Kasen


Produced by Randy Boothe and Ron Simpson

Recorded and Mixed by Cliff Maag at Record Lab

Mastering Consultant: Troy Sales

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