An Enduring Legacy: Dr. Ralph Woodward with the BYU A Cappella Choir, 1964-84 [2 CDs]

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In commemoration of the 100th year anniversary of conductor Dr. Ralph Woodward’s birth, this new album celebrates the contribution and legacy of this world-renowned conductor and features the BYU A Cappella Choir performing 48 songs that were recorded from 1964–84 as the Woodward took the choir to national and international prominence.

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1. Buccinate in neomenia tuba
Giovanni Gabrieli

2. In venisti enim gratiam
Tomás Luis de Victoria

3. Hodie Christus natus est
Luca Marenzio

4. Ein Kindlein klein
Cornelius Freundt

5. O nata lux
Thomas Tallis

6. Quattro pezzi sacri: Ave Maria
Giuseppi Verdi

7. Vespers: Gladsome Radiance
Sergei Rachmaninoff

8. Quatre motets pour le temp de Noël: Quem vidistis pastores dicite?
Francis Poulenc

9. Psallite
Traditional; arr. Bob Chilcott

10. Gaudete: Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine
Anders Öhrwall

11. Psalm 100
Heinz Werner Zimmermann

12. Masque of Angels: Gloria
Domenico Argento

13. Nunc dimittis
Halsey Stevens

14. Holy Radiant Light
Alexander Gretchaninoff

15. Silent Night
Franz Gruber; arr. Malcolm Sargent

16. A Cappella Theme (D&C 25:12–13) (Begining Portion)
Robert Cundick

17. Ave verum corpus
William Byrd

18. Laetatus sum
Alessandro Scarlatti

19. Lady, When I Behold
Thomas Wilbye

The Lark
Leonard Bernstein

20. Spring Song
21. Court Song
22. Soldier's Song

23. Vespers: Slava
Sergei Rachmaninoff

24. Os justi meditabitur
Anton Bruckner

25. To Utah: The Gathering
Robert Cundick; Edward Hart

26. Come, Come, Ye Saints
William Clayton; arr. J. Spencer Cornwall

27. The Peaceable Kingdom: Have Ye Not Known? / Ye Shall Have a Song
Randall Thompson


1. Sacred Service: Silent Devotion and Response
Ernst Bloch

2. O Lord God
Pavel Chesnokov

3. Mass: Gloria
Frank Martin

4. Crucifixus
Antonio Lotti

5. Mass: Agnus Dei
Frank Martin

6. Ubi Caritas
Maurice Duruflé

The Redeemer
Robert Cundick

7. And What Is It We Shall Hope For?
8. Behold, This Is the Way

9. Psalm 121
Heinz Werner Zimmermann

Three Psalms
Merrill Bradshaw

10. Psalm 94
11. Psalm 95
12. Psalm 96

13. Shenandoah
Traditional; arr. James Erb

14. Ain’t Got Time to Die
Spiritual; arr. Hal Johnson

15. Come Hither, Child, and Rest
Sven Lekberg

16. The West Wind
Robert Cundick; John Masefield

17. Jerusalem of Gold
Naomi Shemer; arr. Ralph Woodward

18. Hava netzey b’machol
Traditional; arr. Maurice Goldman

19. The Restoration: Prayer
Merrill Bradshaw

20. Abide with Me; ‘Tis Eventide
Harrison Millard; arr. Crawford Gates

21. A Cappella Theme (D&C 25:12–13) (Entire Piece)
Robert Cundick


Producer: Ralph B. Woodward (Chip), Sandefur Schmidt
Executive producer: Ben Fales
Recording engineers: Francis Boyer, Roger Hoffman, Jon Holloman, Merrill Jenson, Val Jones, Tracy Jorgenson, Tony Larson
Editing and mastering engineer: Troy Sales

Tantara Records is part of BYU Music Group, an enterprise center in the School of Music in the College of Fine Arts and Communications at Brigham Young University.

The Heritage Series Endowment was created in the early 1990s with a mission to record and promote composers and artists from Utah and the Mountain West with ties to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its culture. Pianist Grant Johannesen, soprano JoAnn Ottley, and composers Leroy Robertson and Robert Cundick are among the many whose recordings have been featured. The Heritage Series Endowment is administered by the Brigham Young University School of Music.