Four American Sonatas for French Horn [CD] - Laurence Lowe

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Four American Sonatas for French Horn includes the premiere recording of a new sonata by favorite LDS composer Crawford Gates. Laurence Lowe is a "first-call" musician for film score and concert orchestra recording dates, and his talent shines as he plays these four American sonatas. The particularly demanding Gates piece, a stunning artistic achievement by itself, is worth the price of the CD.

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Sonata for Horn and Piano, op. 48
Crawford Gates
1. Prologue and toccata

2. Romanza

3. Rondo and epilogue

Sonata for Horn and Piano
Halsey Stevens
4. Allegro Moderato

5. Poco Adagio

6. Allegro

Sonata No. 3 for Horn and Piano
Alec Wilder
7. Andante con moto

8. Allegro scherzando

9. Moderato ma con appassionata

10. Allegro con fuoco

Sonata for Horn and Piano
Thomas Beversdorf
11. Scherzo

12. Andante sostenuto

13. Allegro moderato


Produced by Laurence Lowe and Jon Holloman

Recorded by Jon Holloman in the de Jong Concert Hall, Brigham Young University

Digital editing and mastering by Troy Sales

Post production coordination and direction by Ron Simpson

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