I Believe This Is Jesus: African-American Spirituals [CD] - BYU Singers

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Created to celebrate the BYU Singers' tour of West Africa, I Believe This is Jesus is a collection of spiritual and other African-American-rooted songs about Jesus, presented in American choral style. Like the BYU Singers' two earlier Tantara CDs, We Sing of Christ and Songs of the Soul, this latest recording, I Believe This is Jesus, expresses spiritual devotion through song, and was beautifully recorded at the BYU Museum of Art and in the deJong Concert Hall. "Whenever the BYU Singers release a new CD, we get immediate response from all over the country, not only from those who may have loved the group on tour, but also from college-level choral directors. Dr. Ronald Staheli, we are rediscovering, is a widely-admired director, who helps to set the bar for choral excellence."
—Ron Simpson, former General Manager of Tantara Records

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1. I Believe This Is Jesus
Undine Smith Moore

2. Go Tell It on the Mountain
Steve Barnett

3. Were You There
Robert Scholz
In concert with the men of BYU Concert Choir and BYU Men’s Chorus

4. Crucifixion
Adolphus Hailstork

5. By and By
Carol Barnett

6. Steal Away
Bob Chilcott

7. Ain't Got Time to Die
Hall Johnson

8. See What the End Is Gonna Be
Ronald Staheli

9. I Got a Home in-a dat Rock
Moses Hogan

10. Shut de Do'
Randy Stonehill and Mark Hayes

11. Let Me Fly
Robert DeCormier

12. Rock-a My Soul
H. Roberts

13. Witness
Jack Halloran

14. Black Sheep
John Rutter

15. Little Innocent Lamb
Marshall Bartholomew

16. Wade in the Water
Allen Koepke

17. Elijah Rock
Moses Hogan

18. Is a Light Shinin' in the Heavens
Robert L. Morris

19. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
Moses Hogan

20. Ain't that News
Stephen Hatfield
In concert with the women of BYU Concert Choir and BYU Women’s Chorus

21. The Battle of Jericho
Moses Hogan


Produced by Sandefur Schmidt and Ronald Staheli

Recorded by Jon Holloman at the Museum of Art and the de Jong Concert Hall, Brigham Young University

Digital editing by Troy Sales

Mastering by Troy Sales, produced by Ron Simpson

Tantara Records is a division of the School of Music and the College of Fine Arts and Communications at Brigham Young University.