Music of Christmas Songbook: Songs by Vanja Y. Watkins and Marvin K. Gardner - Songbook

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Product Description

Vanja Y. Watkins, a music educator who taught at Brigham Young University (BYU), is the author and/or composer of 27 songs in the Children's Songbook of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She is also the composer of two hymns in the 1985 LDS hymn book. Marvin K. Gardner, who spent 28 years as an editor for the Ensign and Liahona magazines, is now a professor of editing, writing, and publishing at BYU. Gardner also wrote hymn and song texts that have been published in the LDS hymnbook and the Children's Songbook.

Music of Christmas: Songs by Vanja Y. Watkins and Marvin K. Gardner features the team's Christmas songs, one category of the many songs and hymns they have written together.

Song List

1. Arise and Sing This Christmas Morn
2. All Things Testify of Jesus
3. And Mary Pondered
4. Room in the Inn
5. O Child Divine
6. In Bethleham
7. Gifts Worthy of a King
8. Light of the World
9. Son of Mary, Son of God
10. Come, See the Christmas Star
11. Precious Jesus
12. Every Knee Shall Bow
13. Music of Christmas
14. The Baby Softly Stills
15. Angel Light
16. God's Own Son
17. Lamb of God
18. What Greater Love
19. The Father's Own Begotten Son


Songs by Vanja Y. Watkins and Marvin K. Gardner.
Forward by Dr. Ronald J. Staheli
Introduction by Myrna Layton
Published 2015 by the Music Selection, Harold B. Lee Library, Provo Utah, USA
Printed in the United States of America by Brigham Young University Press


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